Thursday, June 01, 2006


Holy crap.

I have just stumbled upon portable video game utopia.

Behold: The GP2X

It's a handheld a la Gameboy/DS/Sony PSP.

It's open-source.

It runs Linux.

It plays music/movies/homebrew games.

It's everything a PSP is, only cheaper and it doesn't suck ass.

The following is a transcript of a conversation between myself and Rendaw with regard to this magnificent device. What you are about to witness is a game-gasm. A phenomenon only seen in the company of geeks, when geeks go batshit fucking insane over a device that rewrites, in whole or in part, the dictionary definition of "l33t." Although in this case, as the GP2X is a Korean device, I suppose it would rewrite the definition of "gosu." Still, the spirit is the same.

Begin quote:
(11:43:58) Rendaw: GP2X Rise of the Triad []
(11:44:05) Celtic Whisper: oooooooownage
(11:44:10) Rendaw: Did you ever know anyone to own that system?
(11:44:14) Celtic Whisper: Jagwire?
(11:44:20) Rendaw: No.
(11:44:30) Rendaw: Isn't the GP2X a system
(11:44:35) Celtic Whisper: Didn't think so.
(11:44:35) Rendaw: A old hand held one.
(11:44:37) Celtic Whisper: Maybe.
(11:44:40) Rendaw: Remember.
(11:44:47) Celtic Whisper: I cannot...
(11:44:49) Celtic Whisper: I must not...
(11:44:50) Rendaw: Back a long while, after the game gear.
(11:44:59) Rendaw: There was a PC handheld.
(11:45:03) Rendaw: It bombed.
(11:45:05) Celtic Whisper:
(11:45:10) Rendaw: YOU COULD PLAY DOOM!!!
(11:45:15) Rendaw: ...
(11:45:18) Rendaw: dot dot dot
(11:45:25) Rendaw: Was that?
(11:45:31) Celtic Whisper: It did horribly.
(11:45:44) Celtic Whisper: Worse than WonderSwan or Neo Geo Pocket.
(11:45:50) Celtic Whisper: Arguably worse than Virtual Boy.
(11:46:15) Celtic Whisper:
(11:46:17) Celtic Whisper: FTW
(11:46:19) Celtic Whisper: You're right.
(11:46:25) Celtic Whisper: Open-source handheld.
(11:46:28) Rendaw: HAhaha.
(11:46:39) Rendaw:
(11:46:46) Rendaw: New ones.
(11:46:48) Celtic Whisper:
(11:47:44) Rendaw: GAME DOT COM!!!!
(11:48:00) Rendaw: MAZIN GRAPHICS OMFGAH WOW!!!
(11:49:53) Rendaw: The GP2X natively supports codecs and formats such as DivX, XviD, MP3, and Ogg Vorbis, but because the player is open-source there is also already support for various other formats, such as SPC, NSF, GBS, GYM, and VGM. The GP2X also supports a variety of picture formats, such as PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.
(11:50:06) Rendaw: Why do I have an iPod again?
(11:50:07) Celtic Whisper: Holy shit.
(11:50:20) Rendaw: Fucking Koreans.
(11:51:18) Rendaw: The GP2X unit's primary storage is the Secure Digital card slot, which can currently take SDs up to 4 GB. It also has a 64 MB flash memory storage
(11:51:33) Rendaw: 4GB is my iPod.
(11:51:38) Rendaw: Damn..
(11:51:42) Rendaw: I want one now.
(11:51:54) Celtic Whisper: Shit yes.
(11:52:20) Rendaw: Man are you reading the wikipedia shit?
(11:52:21) Celtic Whisper: It looks like the PSP. I will get one, and people will say ZOMG you have a PSP. And I will say HAHAHAHAHA NOOB this is better than your mere mortal PSP.
(11:52:24) Celtic Whisper: It is open-source.
(11:52:28) Rendaw: YEah
(11:52:28) Celtic Whisper: AND IT IS KOREAN!
(11:52:31) Rendaw: PPC
(11:52:34) Rendaw: ^_^
(11:52:56) Celtic Whisper: Holy fucking shit.
(11:52:58) Celtic Whisper: $200.
(11:53:03) Celtic Whisper: Cheaper than a goddamn PSP.
(11:53:05) Celtic Whisper: Cheaper than iPod.
(11:53:06) Rendaw: Yeah
(11:53:07) Rendaw: no
(11:53:10) Rendaw: Same price.
(11:53:16) Rendaw: 200 for a 4 gig.
(11:53:17) Celtic Whisper: Holy fucking fuckity fuck shit goddamn hell fuck ass.
(11:53:44) Rendaw: Built in FTP
(11:53:50) Celtic Whisper: Stop.
(11:53:52) Celtic Whisper: Just stop now.
(11:53:52) Rendaw: and Uhhg.. Telnet.
(11:53:54) Celtic Whisper: I want.
(11:53:56) Celtic Whisper: Fucking fuck.
(11:54:02) Celtic Whisper: Fucking fuck fuck.
(11:54:11) Rendaw: • CPUs: Dual-core: 240 MHz [3] host ARM920T + 240 MHz ARM940T integrated into SoC - Overclockable by software (CPU cores rated at 200 MHz, but seem to operate at 240 MHz+ in all systems. Most machines' ARM920T can operate stably at 266 MHz, some at over 300 MHz.)
• Chipset: MagicEyes MMSP2 SoC (System-on-a-Chip)
• NAND Flash ROM: 64 MB (expected to increase to 512 MB+ in future revisions)
• Operating System: Linux-based OS
• Storage: SD Card (SDIO support probable in future)
• Connection: USB 2.0 High Speed
• Power: 2 × AA battery (NiMH or Lithium batteries STRONGLY advised, Alkalines perform very poorly)
• Display: 3.5 inch, color TFT LCD with 320×240 resolution
• TV out: Supported (with optional cable (which supports S-video only, not to mention RCA audio relay). System supports Composite and Component video outputs, among others internally.
• AC power: 3.3V (supplied as DC current by AC Brick)
• Physical size: 142mm wide, 82mm high, 27mm deep (excl. joystick) approx
(11:54:13) Rendaw: ^_^
(11:54:21) Celtic Whisper: Fuck you.
(11:54:23) Celtic Whisper: Stop.
(11:54:27) Celtic Whisper: I want.
(11:54:29) Celtic Whisper: But cannot have.
(11:54:32) Rendaw: Overclockable by software
(11:54:33) Celtic Whisper: Want now.
(11:54:35) Celtic Whisper: FUCK.
(11:54:37) Rendaw: HAhaha
(11:55:29) Rendaw:
(11:55:34) Rendaw: In america.
(11:55:38) Celtic Whisper: Max 1920x1024 resolution.
(11:55:48) Rendaw: DAMN! ++
(11:55:50) Celtic Whisper: I know the dynamism site. It's where I found out the price.
(11:56:05) Celtic Whisper: Goddamn, 10 hours on 2 AA batteries.
(11:56:08) Celtic Whisper: That is sick.
(11:56:31) Rendaw: Yeah... leik woah.
(11:56:38) Rendaw: Fucking ROM's downloads.
(11:56:40) Celtic Whisper: I am so fucking tempted to order one.
(11:56:43) Celtic Whisper: I know I shouldn't.
(11:56:46) Rendaw: We would have never known.
(11:56:51) Celtic Whisper: I know I need to pay off the fucking G5.
(11:56:57) Rendaw: Not until you research..
(11:56:58) Celtic Whisper: But goddamn, for $200 that is wicked-sick.
(11:57:01) Rendaw: And yeah...
(11:57:05) Rendaw: G5
(11:57:09) Rendaw: I fucking hate you.
(11:57:12) Celtic Whisper: Yeah.
(11:57:14) Rendaw: /gline
(11:57:17) Rendaw: Die
(11:57:20) Rendaw: Fuck you
(11:57:20) Celtic Whisper: I fucking hate me too...oh, wait a minute...
(11:57:21) Rendaw: Die
(11:57:25) Rendaw: I hate you.
(11:57:33) Rendaw: G..... 5...
(11:57:36) Celtic Whisper: So yeah, did I mention I have a 10GHz box?
(11:57:43) Rendaw: Is satan still trading souls?
(11:57:46) Celtic Whisper: Think so.
(11:57:47) Rendaw: ...
(11:57:55) Rendaw: Fuck you.
(11:58:05) Celtic Whisper: This is what I consider justice, though. ...mostly in that once again I have a leeter box than my brother.
(11:58:06) Rendaw: Did you get the reference?
(11:58:13) Celtic Whisper: No...
(11:58:17) Rendaw: Hahaha.
(11:58:21) Rendaw: Um Apple geeks.
(11:58:25) Celtic Whisper: Ohh.
(11:58:33) Rendaw: When the G5 Quad core first premiered.
(11:58:45) Rendaw: Anak wanted to trade his soul to the devil..
(11:58:47) Celtic Whisper: Hehehehe.
(11:58:53) Rendaw: And the devil was like why do you want to..
(11:59:00) Rendaw: Wait no.. I think it was Hawk.
(11:59:04) Rendaw: Yeah Hawk.
(11:59:10) Rendaw: And he explains it to the devil.
(11:59:12) Celtic Whisper: YES! GP2X has Genesis/SNES emulators.
(11:59:14) Celtic Whisper: Fucking sold.
(11:59:33) Rendaw: And the devil says umm fuck you man this is cool I'm keeping it.
(11:59:42) Rendaw: x_X
(11:59:49) Rendaw: Well wait a little bit shane...
(12:00:04) Celtic Whisper: Grrrr...must wait.
(12:00:07) Celtic Whisper: Must...resist...
(12:00:20) Celtic Whisper:
(12:00:26) Rendaw: ...
(12:00:28) Rendaw: dot dot dot
(12:00:38) Celtic Whisper: ...Mmmmmmm, kung pao shrimp...
(12:00:41) Celtic Whisper: Okay, back to resisting...
(12:00:50) Rendaw: Gp2x TV-Out Cable
(12:00:52) Rendaw: ...
(12:00:56) Celtic Whisper: Shit, I'm at least blogging this motherfucker.
(12:01:01) Rendaw: LOL.
(12:01:07) Rendaw: Mention this convo.
(12:01:14) Rendaw: And how it came about.
End quote.



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