Thursday, April 20, 2006


So I did it. I broke down and ordered a DVCam. I figure if I'm going to get into doing video, I might as well have my own for complete autonomy. Last thing I want is another power struggle with another hotheaded member of my household (though that wound up having positive results for me) who refuses to take "fuck off and die" for an answer.

So watch out world, I'm armed and dangerous. Now where'd I put those MiniDV blanks?

Quote of the Moment Returns:

Oni: "I mean, think about it. Microsoft's address is 'One Microsoft Way'

I'm not kidding. That's their address. A bit pretentious don't you think? But Apple names theirs 'infinite loop.' A programming joke. How cool is that?"

Senjutsu: "Pretentious? It's the clearest statement of their philosophy that they've ever made. Unless someone happens to have a video of Ballmer screaming 'Ein volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer'?"


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