Thursday, April 20, 2006


Yeah, Lady J is awesome too.

Installing cryptography plugins isn't the only way to attain awesomeness.


The communication blackout of late has led me to believe I've upset you. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry if I did.

You may not encrypt your IM sessions, but you are still awesome. Anyone who can manage to remain by my side through the hardest times of my life and especially through what we went through with Ireland and my subsequent metamorphosis into King Bastard transcends awesome. Anyone who will come over to my house with no plans or special reason and just kick back and join me in a LotR marathon is far beyond awesome.

Anyone who goes through a fiasco like the Chicago Pizza thing and doesn't wind up eating me for dinner instead of the pizza exceeds awesome.

Lady J, you are awesome, and I love you. Not in the same way I used to, not in the HAWT HAWT TRISHEESECKS way, but I do. It's like what Catherine said in Twin Peaks. About lashing out at the one person who was decent enough to stand by her all that time. Granted, I never took my principal pleasure in it, and granted you weren't the one and only person who never strayed from my side, but you're one of the few.

I do get overzealous about InfoSec stuff-it's what I study and what interests me. And privacy is also very, very important to me, for reasons I've explained to the world many times before. But I'm not going to let my enthusiasm for bit-scrambling drive a wedge between us.

I hereby present this awesomeness award to Lady J, for her long years of outstanding awesomeness.

Lady J is awesome
Lady J is awesome


Blogger Lady J said...

Aw, shucks...

C'mere, you. **hugs**

I'm not the slightest bit upset with you, sir, being at least half responsible for the "communications blackout" myself. Between work and wisdom teeth, a bit of laziness and general stress, not to mention finding times when our schedules coincide (that, and I just bought this really great book...) it's been rough.

But **blushes at Shane's words** as an offering of peace and a reassurance of all things good, I would like to invite you to see Spamalot with, well, with whoever ends up going :D Will call you tonight with details, so start thinking of a day that might work to see it!

Oh, and I'm not that awesome. Regarding Chicago Pizza, I probably would have eaten you for dinner if it weren't for that delectable wine. That, and your lady friend in North Dakota wouldn't have approved.

This lady knows better than to be the slightest bit put off by your technophile ways. They are part of what make you you, and I wouldn't have you any other way. I want you to know how hard it is to resist saying something silly like "You can scramble my bits any day..." But it's true. Mind you, my bits are no longer involved, and I don't want to hear what you do with *your* bits these days, but... you're awesome too.

Will call. Promise. But if ever I don't, it's not because I'm upset or mad or annoyed. It's 'cause I'm a distractable airhead, albeit an awesome one. **hugs again**

But I will call.

4:30 AM  

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