Monday, May 29, 2006


As some of you know, my faithful little Power Mac G4 hasn't been feeling well lately. Considering the amount of continual strain it's been under (rendering video, torrenting a ton of stuff, and running 24 hours a day for the last few years), I'm inclined to believe the problem is, in fact, hardware-related as no significant software changes were made to prompt it displaying the problems it is.

This is most unfortunate, as it's really a great computer and I still have high hopes for it as a media box for the entertainment center.

However, it leaves me without a personal MacOS-based system for my work.

And so, as a solution to this problem, I have placed an order for a 10GHz quad-core Power Mac G5 (to be dubbed "Gal Da Val" in keeping with my Phantasy Star naming schema).

2 dual-core PowerPC 970 processors at 2.5GHz/core
512MB PC4200 DDR SDRAM (to be upgraded upon arrival by yours truly to approx. 2GB)
250GB SATA HDD (RPM unknown, damn you online Apple Store)
NVidia GeForce 6800 display adapter with 256MB GDDR3 VRAM
16x DVD+/-RW DL optical drive
Onboard Gigabit Ethernet
Bluetooth/AirPort integrated

And a 3-year AppleCare warranty in case something like what happened to Nurvus happens to my new system.

I've wanted a G5 for a long time. I just wish it could've happened under better circumstances.


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