Friday, June 16, 2006


Ladies and gentlemen...

The computer has arrived.

A few observations:

-Front-mounted USB2 and FireWire 400 are a wonderful touch. No more reaching around back to plug in...anything.

-Whisper-quiet. As lovely as my G4 is, it's quite a noisemaker. I have to look at the light on the G5 to figure out if it's even on (assuming I've been away and power-save mode has kicked in, blanking the displays).

-Fans FTW. 8 actively-controlled (seriously, they have fan drivers and everything built into the OS specifically for the G5) fans and a water-cooling system to keep this thing from melting a hole in the floor. PPC970s do tend to put out a fair amount of heat. Not as much as the Prescott core Pentium 4 chips, but more than my old G4 or an Athlon.

I ordered a couple of 1-gig sticks of RAM to pop in, ThinkGeek's blank keyboard (Das Keyboard), and a jog/shuttle wheel for FCP. Those should arrive somewhat soonish.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee, G5. Can't wait to install FCP this weekend.


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