Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Posty McPostsalot

Why no, I didn't put a single instant of thought into my subject, thanks for asking.

I have to keep reminding myself I have a blog and that I should post in it. Fascinating thing, people wondering about you. Helps to toss them a bone once in a while and let them know you haven't offed yourself by bleach ingestion in a fit of nihilistic rage.

Or that you haven't changed one whit, for that matter.

So, a little over a month into the new job and things are going great. Some days get extremely hectic (did I ever mention I really don't like the word "hectic?" It sounds so awkward) but never once have I been bored. And you'd be surprised just how much I appreciate being able to eat and drink at my desk again. That was one of the worst things about working at Burrows - couldn't even have water. And fine, each company has their own way of doing things - I acknowledge that and it's okay, but the super-stiff culture at Burrows is just not one for me. Anyway, though, things are much better here and look to get better still.

Also newsworthy is my new living arrangement. I've secured an apartment not far from work. It is to be my new abode, and mine alone. It is not shared with anyone nor do I want to share it with anyone - roommates are absofuckinglutely not for me, unless they're significant others with whom I'm living WELL IN ADVANCE OF MARRIAGE (you Christians can all blow me and so can your morals). For the time being, though, I have blissful solitude at long, long last. Absolute isolation and perfect silence. The peace of mind I've always TURN YOUR FUCKING STEREO DOWN, COCKBISCUIT dreamed of. ...Well, almost.

Further details of the apartment available upon request.

I think that's about all for now. I mean, I know there's more going on but if I rack my brain too hard I'm going to wind up writing another insanely long Master's-thesis post that's going to result in 40 WoWs and about 271 tl;drs.



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