Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter

Don't ask me, guys. I haven't read it yet, too much other stuff to get through first. On the other hand, American Gods is still excellent.

I downloaded the leaked "digital camera rip" last week out of spite toward the ridiculous amount of secrecy, paranoia, and other Fort Knox bullshit surrounding the release, but some of those images really are crappy and unreadable. 'Course, maybe it was just me trying to read fuzzy text at 3 in the morning. Anyway, my brother's already done reading his copy so I'll get to it eventually. I'm debating whether I want to bump it up above The Golden Compass in my queue, though. Decisions, decisions...


Blogger Jenny said...

Golden Compass won't take you long to read -- it's not that long. Harry Potter won't take you long to read -- in spite of its (many) flaws, it's that compelling, you won't be able to stop.

I'd say read Harry first, because after the Epilogue, you'll be dying for some quality fantasy writing. I'm just saying...

PS: Pirated Potter = just a little tacky. Read the book. Feels much better. :D This coming from a gal who braved the Borders Potter Party at midnight. **chuckles**

9:54 AM  
Blogger Aidan Novastral said...

What I want to do, since the JPG copy isn't that great (and I really only downloaded it to get it before the scheduled release as kind of an F-U to their super-secret, super-tight-controls crap), is get a copy as a .txt file to put on an SD card and read on my GP2X on the go. One of the few times when a paper book is less pocket-friendly than its electronic counterpart. Jeezus, that thing is HUEG LIEK XBOX.

And yes, I am a nerd, why do you ask?

So the epilogue disappoints? I read a comment by someone saying the ending (maybe they were referring to the epilogue) was cringe-inducingly sappy, but I dunno. I've seen some pretty sappy stuff.

As for having quality fantasy writing ready for when it's done, I've got that covered for sure. Golden Compass, Anansi Boys, and Stardust, and then some Lovecraft if HP7 puts me in the mood for some nice, old-fashioned gothic horror, or some Stephenson (Zodiac is next on the list) if I'm hungry for the stylish.

Also, didja ever figure out the picture from the last post? It's truly a WTF-worthy little detail. You're just about guaranteed to WTF at the sight of it. Perhaps you might even O_________O.

Captcha text for today: "cewxsgfp" I didn't know they had started using fantasy characters' names for image verification...

10:06 AM  

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