Monday, April 07, 2008

Quick update - Firefox 3

Yes, I am alive. I'm just seriously swamped right now. Graduate-level biology classes are interesting when your background is data networking.

Anyway, I wanted to pop on and prove that I've not been eaten by a giant squid, nor have I fallen into London Below or anything.

I also wanted to note, on an unrelated...note...oh frak you, it's late. I wanted to note that anyone who might be even the slightest bit interested should seriously try out the Firefox 3 beta. It's incredible, it's fast, the memory problems are long gone, and it has some really neat new features. It installs alongside your current version of Firefox, so you don't need to worry about losing anything. You'll have separate links to your "normal" install (2.0.whatever) and the FF3 beta. Windows users will see a "Firefox 3 Beta" folder in the Start menu, Linux users probably will already have it figured out by the time they're done reading this, but in case it eludes you, you can type "firefox-3.0" in a terminal and that should do it. Mac users might want to create a folder under /Applications, as the .app file is still named "Firefox" and you do run the risk of overwriting your old install.

Anyway, FF3 beta good. No crashes so far. Some addons don't work perfectly but that's to be expected with most FF updates.

Try it out, here.


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