Friday, May 18, 2007


Just a fun post I lifted from Slashdot in a discussion about networked speakers.


The Audiophile appreciates how music sounds on a high-watt system that's driven purely in the linear response region, has inperceptable distortion, crosstalk and noise, has a frequency reponse from 15Hz-22kHz that need not be flat, but must be pleasing to his ear.

The Audiophile understands that a great system starts with the speakers and works back to the source.

The Audiophile understands that spending time moving his speakers and furniture around the room will give you the best bang-for-buck improvement in sound.

The Audiophile understands that the difference between a CD player worth $200 and one worth $2000 is not as important as the difference between a set of speakers worth $200 and that worth $2000 - doubly so if you are keeping it digital until the tuner.

The Audiophile knows that the person who spend $1000 on each speaker cable is a wanker, while he calculates the per meter-resistance of his quality OFC cables and ensures that the paths to the drivers are as close as possible.

The Audiophile understands that a sub-woofer should not felt not heard. If its not SUBsonic, its just a woofer.

The Audiophile looks at the BOSE Lifestyle system with the contempt it deserves.

The Audiophile doesn't claim that the response of vinyl records is superior, but can appreciate the imperfections of the recording media as an important part of the whole listening experience.

The Audiophile doesn't store his CDs in the freezer, nor drawn on them with green texta.


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