Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Stargate Atlantis fans who haven't kept up, stop reading right here, right now.

I just watched "Sunday," SGA 3-17 and, well...

THEY KILLED CARSON? Those bastards! The guy was the reason I kept watching Atlantis through its less-than-stellar episodes. He was the most memorable part of the series premiere, and the reason I stuck with it to begin with. The heart of the series, a fan favourite, the best (and sometimes sole) source of comic relief Atlantis ever had!

This is like TNG killing off Data, or Farscape killing off Chiana (though that may still happen, I'm not done with S4 and PKWars). Hell, SG-1 tried it with Jackson and fans damn near rioted.

Speaking of SG-1, this seems a little too familiar. Carson is dead, presumably to be replaced by this Dr. Keller? Gee, where have I seen that one before? *cough*Janet Fraiser*cough*. They killed her off in "Heroes" and replaced her with some no-name, Dr. Lam if memory serves correctly. Let's see, how many times did Fraiser save SG-1's ass, come up with breakthrough discoveries working with Carter, and generally have awesome on-screen moments? Compare that with the number of times Lam has even appeared in an episode of SG-1 and we can easily see who the better doctor was. Hell, the mere fact that they had to shoehorn Lam in as a major character by hacking together some forced tension between her and Gen. Landry shows that they knew she wasn't going to be a suitable replacement for the awesome Fraiser character.

Now I liked Fraiser just fine, she was an interesting character and was used sparingly enough that she was believable in her "Janet saves the day" episodes, but even she paled in comparison to Carson Beckett.

And now they killed him.

"I think I feel something...I think it could be lunch-related."
"I feel not unlike...the priest in The Exorcist."
"Dry mouth, headache, the irresistible urge to run in a small wheel..."
"I don't wish anyone was here! I wish I wasn't bloody here!"

Dead. And an exploding tumor. What a way to go. At least Zhaan and Crais went out in their own respective blazes of glory (particularly Crais, along with Talyn). But an exploding tumor.

There is no justice in sci-fi.


Blogger LadyJeanetta said...

I... I heard. I don't think I can bear to watch it, but I've heard what happens. And who they're replacing him with. And while I have the utmost respect for this person in other roles...

There is no replacement. Period.

**raises a glass and downs it**

6:48 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Ahoy there, Aidan,

Just wanted to let you know, if you haven't already heard--there's a brand new Tolkien book out. Children of Hurin. JRR's son collected/edited a bunch of old drafts and published a new novel, which deals more with the events of the Silmarillion! Thought ye might be a bit interested. Also, just a wee reminder, now might be a good time to book a hotel room for Irish Fest!

We should get together one of these days; what's your schedule like? Email/call me, hmm?

11:17 AM  

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