Thursday, March 22, 2007

I like cadmium myself

This is awesome:

There you have it. Conclusive, incontrovertible proof of the highest caliber: a Slashdot article.

Now, time to head to Giordano's and order a Tropical Delight.

"A pizza of radius z and thickness a has a volume of pi z z a"


Blogger Lady J said...

Hee hee; cute quote!

Quick query: The Elders will be playing at Ballydoyle's, a pub in Downer's Grove, Friday and Saturday evening. Wouldst thou (and/or thy lady friend) be interested in attending?

Today's word verification is eivgic :D I like it. Sounds better backwards, though.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Aidan Novastral said...

You just missed my newest post by a couple hours. So close and yet so far. Or not so far.

As for the Elders, I'd love to see them again. Friday is probably out as Journey will be busy with school-related matters till about 7:30 and it'll take me until about then to drive down to the S. Side.

Saturday, however, is a possibility. I'll run it by her and see what she thinks. She did just get back from a field trip to the Bahamas and might want to veg at home, but I'm not really sure, and I know she liked the Elders quite a bit when they played at the Irish festivals here and in WI.

Also, we must get together sometime soon so you can get your B5 DVDs back.

12:29 PM  

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