Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So I guess I'm 23 now. Go me?

*drinks heavily*

I suppose I'm supposed to say something...ummmmm...

Well, to those who celebrated with me in some-or-another capacity, thanks for making it great. Searska was naughty-funny as ever with her gifts, and I know you never read this, Colin, but that Hawaiian tiki idol thing is fucking AWESOME. I HAVE to grab a red light bulb to go in it, as that will be badass like nothing ever before.

Many many thanks to Journey (whom I stole for 6 days), simply for being wonderful and for the gifts and being the best thing in my life.

Let's see, other stuff going on...

-I'm finally going to start programming, motivating myself the only way I know how. I'm going to start coding games for the GP2X. It's C++, a nice language to learn, and it comes with a devkit that has all the libraries I need to compile for it.

-Xenosaga 3 is a decent RPG. A vast improvement over part 2 (gone is the battle system from hell), and a fitting if somewhat disappointing conclusion to this part of the Xenogears story. I still want a part 4 to tell what happens to Chaos, KOS-MOS, Abel, and Nephilim in the intervening millenia between Saga 3 and Gears.

-There are pLANs for a LAN in the works. Early stages at this point, but it looks to be a Halloween LAN (meaning that AtLANtis will have to wait for some other time). I've so far gotten 4 sources of approval for it, 4 votes for people definitely being on board. If it goes through it won't actually be on Halloween as the 31st is on a weeknight, but on the 28th and 29th instead. Looks to be at the usual spot, and I've got a Gig-E switch now. More details as they develop. Anyway, if you're at all interested, shoot me a quick E-mail with suggestions, requests, ideas, offers, etc. The more input I get the better it will be (ask anyone who was at the 2005 summer LAN, it was awesome), and the more likely I'll be able to con my family into surrendering the living room for a weekend.

-The 40GB hard drive is currently at Rendaw's being loaded with various stuff he likes, probably taking up about 7 gig or so. Requests for leeching or contributing go to my E-mail, and you'll be added to the rotation.

-Lady J, I've ordered my replacement DVD-RW and enclosure. Exact same models as the one you have, I'll let you know what the cost comes to. I do believe it's well under $100 though.

-Watch this shit. Now.

-Nintendo is releasing the black DS in the States after all. I'm most likely going to wind up getting one and giving Journey my (as Legalista so aptly calls it) DSPod.

-Legalista is now interested in buying a GP2X. I rule. Worth noting a few things if you do go through with it:
--Buy the AC adapter. It's worth it. Also you're going to need an EU-to-US converter for the plug.
--The carrying case is also worth it. It's hardened more than the PSP or DS cases and will afford good protection.
--You're probably going to want some MMC/SD cards for it. SanDisk makes good ones, and supposedly PNY does as well, but I stay away from them ever since using their HORRIBLE CD-R media. 27-coasters-out-of-a-pack-of-50 horrible.

That's about all for now. Respond, or something.

Quote of the Moment: "Fuck off, Jesus. She's mine." -Me


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