Wednesday, June 28, 2006

HP (not the tech company)

A post of mine from GFF, in a thread about the last Harry Potter book and a special on CBS about whether Harry would die.

Unlike most of my HR-tag-enclosed quotes, this one is actually mine.

I'd love to see Ron and/or Hermione snuffed out by surprise just as they're about to confess their love for the other. Mostly to spite an ex-girlfriend of mine who was a digustingly huge H/R shipper (hey, at the end of the day I'm a simple creature), but also because it would pack a lot more punch than the previous death scenes in the series, one of which was more puzzling than depressing and the other of which was lackluster.

Oh, and if Hermy or Ron are killed off...I'm torn as to whether I'd want the other to die as well. I'm more a fan of "live a long, lonely, tortured life forever yearning for the one you lost" than I am of "together forever in peace." Still, it would be cool to see the other go for revenge and get swatted like a fly by Voldemort.

...Is it wrong that I'm thinking such cruel things about characters in a children's story?


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