Thursday, June 29, 2006

That familiar burning sensation

Just when I thought I'd seen everything there was to see after 7 years of working at the library, suburban know, the ones we call America's future...figure out a way to surprise me once again.

We are now down one trash dumpster, and up one melted, flaming metal husk.

You read that right.

Some snot-nosed teenage shit-wits set fire to the library's dumpster.

As I described it in an iChat conversation, "Say, does our dumpster always emit white smoke?" *WHOOSH* "OH CRAP."

Dunno what they burned, or what was already inside, but it was really, really hot. As in, melting-through-metal-walls-in-two-places hot. Completely slagged the plastic cover, bent the hinge bar for said cover, peeled all the paint off, and just generally made a spectacular mess.

Never a dull day around these parts.


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