Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Das Job Haus

So I'm now doubly employed.

Thanks to a mysterious benefactor, I got in contact with a placement company and landed myself a 2-month contract with a company just outside Chicago, doing document analysis and updating, making sure they're compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley. Of course, starting work @ 7:00 AM at this job and getting home at 9:20 PM from the library isn't exactly what I'd call a walk in the park, but everyone who knows me knows that I hate myself^W^Wlove a good challenge.

So far it looks good, though. I actually do real work that entails more than answering a walkie-talkie and saying "click the OK button" or "it's the hardware, stupid," and I now know what a balls-to-the-wall, 24-hour-response-or-we-have-your-head IT department is like.

I like it.

Anyway, more details available upon request, but for now, I must get to my IPRO as it starts in half an hour.

I leave you with a quote.

"Microsoft has decided that Gamers are idiots with too much money to spend. I would guess that there's ample evidence to support this given the success of $1000 paired video cards to get 0.5fps more in first person shooters, 'collector's editions' of games which cost $20 more and contain a figurine or cloth map, or the actual existence of Alienware." -Podperson (Original Post)

1 is a waste of money if you don't do professional 3d ani/modeling, I'm admittedly guilty of 2 (consoles only), and if I commented on 3 I'd laugh up a lung.


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