Thursday, March 02, 2006

Je suis fatigué

So I've been up till 6 or later 2 days this week, and for some reason couldn't sleep last night (probably for my biological clock having been thrown off by the first 2 instances). As a result, I'm dead on my feet...again.

This is all fine and good, though, for IIT has a 7-11 in its campus centre, and in that 7-11 can be found that sweet nectar of the gods which comes in a blue, textured bottle.

That's right, IIT has Bawls. And it only took me 7 months to figure that one out.

So anyway, you're wondering why I'm so sleep deprived. Or maybe you're not, but for the sake of being able to ramble on and get this new blog off the ground, I'm going to assume you are.

First was the video. Publicity video for the library. This one has me a bit miffed, actually. Probably would be infuriated if I weren't so tired. They came to me Wednesday of last week and said "Can you do a video to promote libraries to the legislators for the meeting next week?" I said, "'re giving me one week? To do everything from planning to postwork?"

But fine, I did. Scripting, shooting, importing, editing, effects, voice-overs, the whole 9 yards. They took it, watched it, told me they loved it.

And then they decided not to give it to the senators.

Zuh? Wait, they did what? So all that work, with zero advance notice, scrambling for 3 days and staying up till 6AM to finish was for...what, exactly?

2nd time was for a presentation at IIT, compiling a bunch of people's PowerPoint (yuck) slides into an OpenOffice (yay!) presentation. Since they gave me their frames in all different styles and layouts, porting everything to a uniform look was, simply put, a bitch.

So last night I wound up laying awake in bed and watching about 4 hours of Twin Peaks. Good show. Bad sleep deprivation. BAD.


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